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Dong Hae Industries is a global leading manufacturer of power system hardware and fittings since 1994.

Dong Hae, as a manufacturer william Hill Live Casino gamesof electrical products such as EHV to LV Power Transmission and Distribution System Hardware and Connectors, Steel Tower, Earthing and Lightning Protection Materials & Clamps, and as a wholesaler of products such as Insulators, Cable Trays, Lightning Fixtures and other electrical construction work materials, has been actively engaged in this field since 1994.

Ivory Power is the exclusive trading representative and dealer for Dong Hae Industries Co. Ltd products William Hill free betsin the United Arab Emirates.


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Range Products

Transmission Line Hardware - Tension and Suspension String
  • Suspension String Hardware
  • Compression Type
  • Tension String Hardware
  • Bolted Type
Substation Power Connectors
  • Bolted Connector
  • Welded Connector
Earthing & Lightning Materials
  • Earthing Clamps and Connector
  • Cadweld Products
  • Cadweld Tools
  • Lightning Rod
  • William Hill Live CasinoEarthing Rod

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